Joe Mitchell in front of the UN Secretariat building in New York


This blog has gone a bit quiet.

I’m interested in democracy, governance, wellbeing and the effects of digital tech on these things.

I’ve written stuff about why I think digital technology gives us the tools with which to change governance the global level. And I’d like to return to that at some point – looking at something like an Open United Nations.

I’m trying to test this stuff at the national level in the UK at Democracy Club. We’re making democracy more user-friendly through crowdsourcing, open data and good digital service design. Come help us out.

Work history

Before throwing myself into Democracy Club, I used to work at Purpose, designing digital communication efforts to encourage large online collectives to be – or push for – the change.

Previously, I’ve helped: Giving What We Can to develop a communication strategy; trained UN staffers on social media (and drafted a social media strategy for the Secretariat); worked on communication strategy for a (lovingly-remembered) agency of the UK Government; and have done advocacy, comms and research for the Commonwealth Secretariat, Malaria No More, Absolute Return for Kids, Transparency International-Kenya, Global Witness, BBC World Service, an MP in the UK Parliament and Shelterbox.


My first degree was in Jurisprudence from the rather lovely New College, Oxford and I have a Master of Laws, Governance and Development from the School of Oriental and African Studies, and a MA Global Governance from the University of Waterloo, Ontario.

Other stuff

I once spent a year of Saturdays mentoring a lively seven-year-old from Brixton. It was scary and fun and you should do it too.

1 reply on “About”

Gooday Joe

Congratulations on your work, it is an area I am interested in also. I came across your work only today.
I am lawyer in Australia and I recently put my toe in the same water, with a website, http://www.globaldemocracy.org . It runs similar themes to your paper of September last year.
Ii would like to read that paper on world parliament to digital democracy, but it I haven’t been able to print it from the slideshow format. I was wondering if you could send a copy in another format, eg Word, that I can print and read ? (easier to read a hard copy…).

Thanks and regards,

Bill Piper


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