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It’s quite mild at the moment – these photos are from last month. A little taster of what’s to come, perhaps…

Damn kids with their bikes

Frosty frosty

Not entirely sure where those towers are. Look nice though.

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Buffalo, NY

For one weekend only, canadajoe was unitedstatesjoe. A quick trip* down to Buffalo to see little sis!  *not at all quick. 

Some suggested that there would be nothing worth seeing in Buffalo. Not at all true! Go Buff! ‘The City of No Illusions’. Haha.

The Albright-Knox Gallery was excellent. Currently hosting this amazing American topographical landscape photography exhibition by Victoria Sambunaris.

Somebody got their canoes all tangled up. Annoying when that happens.

And what’s this? Is it America’s third best neighborhood [sic]? Yes, it must be Elmwood, Buff!

The Feds

Frank Lloyd Wright loved Buff. He thought it was the best. Probably cos it was swimming in cash at the time he was designing houses for very rich people. Here’s his Martin House Complex. Not bad for 1904, but no Falling Water.

Where’s the front door? 

And then it took nine hours to get home. It’s not even that far away. And, even more crazily, the US immigration man was nicer than the Canadian immigration woman. Who’d have thought?

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Happy Canadian thanksgiving

To celebrate, here’s a picture of a barn.

Apparently, Canadian thanksgiving commemorates an English chap who went exploring in 1578, lost most of his team, somehow made it back alive and was fed vast quantities of turkey until he regained his strenth. Sort of.

More importantly, it’s ridiculously sunny. 25c. Outdoors smells like the South of France. 

And I saw a chipmunk today. Like a stretched out mouse with a tail and go-faster stripes. Move too quickly to photograph…

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Canadian Service Delivery, boom


I emailed the local bus company for a couple of shelters outside the housing village thing where we live. I think I was upset abt being rained on. Just two weeks later these beauties appear on each side of the road. Go grand river transit, go! Two weeks!

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Waterloo, Ontario

So this is where I live. All the houses are the same. 

And this is how we get to school.

The manor.

Columbia Lake

The playing fields

The flags. 

The university’s graphic design dept is pretty good. They’ve got some nice brand values (others are connected, unconventional, risk-taking). 

But this is the best one:

I could do that. I choose not to. 

The library / sugarcube. Perfect for naps.

It’s really squarey.

The nano building (not nano-sized, yet).

And the computer centre.

Oh, and for COI people, I think these guys made Livelink. I’ll pay them a visit.

Photos of the new CIGI campus (including a former whisky distillery, mmm) to follow once they’ve more nearly finished it. That’s where I’ll be living working.

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Little things noticed upon arrival in great big land.

– why are the roads such bad quality, eh?

– you don’t notice the accent until any word involving the letters ‘ou’ is pronounced. Pronounced, for example.

– a transfer ticket on the Toronto metro/bus/tram system cost $3. Bargain.

– bus drivers actually say ‘good morning’ and ‘thank you’ – BIZARRE.

– it’s really hot.

More to follow. Maybe some photos.

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Sunshine: Somerset House, London, 9th April 2011

Sometimes, London is brilliant.