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Waterloo, Ontario

So this is where I live. All the houses are the same. 

And this is how we get to school.

The manor.

Columbia Lake

The playing fields

The flags. 

The university’s graphic design dept is pretty good. They’ve got some nice brand values (others are connected, unconventional, risk-taking). 

But this is the best one:

I could do that. I choose not to. 

The library / sugarcube. Perfect for naps.

It’s really squarey.

The nano building (not nano-sized, yet).

And the computer centre.

Oh, and for COI people, I think these guys made Livelink. I’ll pay them a visit.

Photos of the new CIGI campus (including a former whisky distillery, mmm) to follow once they’ve more nearly finished it. That’s where I’ll be living working.

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Great pictures Joe – looking forward to some of you in a baseball cap and t-shirt with an ironic slogan. Have you started peppering your sentences with ‘for sure’ and ‘awesome’ yet?

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