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New York City, New York (part one)

Canadajoe recently visited New York. In, ahem, the USA. This is what it looked like.

Winding through upstate New York at dawn, snow dusting the trees and hills of the Hudson valley…and our bus.

And rocking up to 7th Ave at about 9am.

Empire State of Black and White.

Buy more handbags!

Busy new yorkers doing busy new york things.

I liked this street. Somewhere near Chelsea Pier. Mmm…fire escapes.

Stack ’em up. Car parking where there ain’t much space.

NYC’s taxis are going hybrid. Apparently the only hybrids they could get were these weird Ford SUVs that look big on the outside, but are really quite small.

This next photo features the impossible car park again, some old school redbrick building that could be Keble College, the Empire State building, and THE MOON. Have you ever seen a photo with more stuff?


Massive ballroom masquerading as a rail station. It was like the architect knew that flashmobs would be invented later on.


Oh hello Chrysler building and your wonderful art deco tower. Yes you are the best skyscraper. Yes you are.

It’s like original Grand Theft Auto!

Ooh, East River. “I’m gonna take my case to the U-nited Nations”

This was a very nice park. Square. Thing. Bank of America building in the background. Occupied that. 

Danger bike 

Is that building curved like a giant skate ramp? Hell yeah. Is that its twin across the street? Hell no! 

Part two features Times Square! See the US Armed Forces Recruiting Station! Visit the UN Plaza! Check back soon!



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