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New York City, New York (part two)

(or see as a slideshow without the comments)

…Meanwhile, in Times Square. Shafts of light and that. 

Obviously most of the time we hung out at the US Armed Forces recruiting station. Woop.

So. Many. Adverts. Must. Watch. Everything. Buy. Everything. 

Did you miss the Flag in the last one? Yeah, I’m capitalising Flag.

Fifth avenue. 

To Serve and Protect and Give Directions.

Church Flag Bus!

Oh, here’s the UN set against an amazing sky. Easy.

The interiors look like Zaha Hadid! 

I feel an interminable speech coming on…

Thoughts of Dag

Chamber of Secrets.

This was hidden on a pillar somewhere in the lobby. A memorial ‘to those astronauts and cosmonauts who have given their lives in the exploration of space for the benefit of mankind.’

This gun would have been too big to use anyway.

Beacon of bureacratic hope.

…And night night New York.

Bueno. Back soon please.


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