It’s friday: watch videos!

1. Pixels: I stumbled upon this again recently. It’s astoundingly well-produced. Brilliant sound too.

2. Alt-J: Taro. Only recently discovered Alt-J. Sound like nothing else. Gorgeous. Someone set their music to Powaqqatsi, and it works, partly cos the song’s about photographers Robert Capa and Gerda Taro.

3. Lecture time. This is a very, very polished presentation on digital design. Surely the closest someone’s come to actually just giving Don Draper’s Carousel speech in real life. Worth taking the time, or save it for a weekend.

4. Trailer for Searching for Sugarman: ‘In South Africa, you’re bigger than Elvis Presley!” Music docs are fun.

5. And finally, this man hears colour. Wonderful.


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