The #lockdown reading list

Given I now have a bit more time on my hands, I plan to spend my time working on institution-building for democracy.

I’m also planning to catch up with several years’ worth of Things I Really Should Have Read Earlier. The COVID-19 lockdown presents an opportunity to try to get through some it.

I wanted to pile all the readings / open tabs / PDFs hidden in my inbox / books on my wishlist / e-books buried on my Kindle into one place, so I could get a sense of what to read.

I thought I’d post it in case it was useful for anyone else. Further recommendations or summaries, especially summaries, welcome…

Reading in the time of coronavirus

Having done a load of global health governance reading in a previous life, I’m more interested in the effects of the virus on UK politics and policy. One interesting bit is that basic income seems more relevant than ever. What happened to those trials in Finland etc?

Food systems seem pretty relevant too (along with community and ending loneliness):

There’s a lot of harking back to WW2 going on, so I’ve fast-tracked these three to the top of the book list:

Reading on UK governance and democracy


Constitutional reform



Participation / deliberation

Electoral reform




Metrics for democracy

Might keep me going until September. 😬

Further suggestions welcome over twitter.

Photo: Susan Yin, Unsplash.