The brilliant @HansRosling explains the world with lego bricks.

Had somehow missed Prof. Hans Rosling’s tweet on explaining the world through Lego. But of course, it’s brilliant.

“The weakest point today is the lack of global governance.”


There’s lots more Hans Rosling, and all his fun world-comprehending tools, at  Also lots of TED videos, which come without the muzak and pretty pictures – but he’s even more inspiring and witty in those.

Købke at the National Gallery

Who’d have thought that there was this great Danish artist called Christen Købke?


Not me. Possibly because he only left Denmark once, during which time he was a bit homesick, so went back to Copenhagen. And he died at 37. Poor chap.


But GREAT paintings! Like Denmark’s Constable. Painting at roughly the same time. Stunning romantic images of Denmark following their rather poor show in a face-off against Britain , which helped Danes think warmly of the motherland again. Not excessively romantic, but just glowing enough to make you want to go to Denmark a little bit, clever use of light, and even cleverer framing type stuff. Denmark is also very pink, apparently.


File:Christen Købke - One of the Small Towers on Frederiksborg Castle .jpg


Runs until 13 June.


Watch the little film in the little film room too, cos it gives you a super close-up of the picture of his dad, which is intricate and beautiful, but very small in real life.