Howard Zinn: A People’s History of the USA

After far too long, I finally finished Howard Zinn’s epic A People’s History of the USA. It’s a unique historical effort, a story of poverty, unrest and injustice. Compared to something like ‘The Penguin History of the USA‘, this is a story not focused on powerful men, but on unions, indigenous peoples, blacks and women.

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Unrealised ideals: three global governance institutions that never were

Great new institutions created at vast international conferences are not exactly what global governance 2.0 is about. They’re still pretty interesting though.

Below is a deck I used for a history presentation, followed by a full essay, on three innovations in global governance that never were. I hope it shows the interesting interplay between state interests, individual passion and individual ideas, as well as how possibilities in this area are bounded.

While the world of 2.0 suggests that new institutions will be built from the ground up, by networks of people everywhere, there’s some good stuff to learn from looking back at ideas that went unrealised.

Thanks to my ace history prof, Dan Gorman, for leading me to various bits.